How to Keep Your Workplace Clean for Spring

Spring cleaning is a tradition no one loves, but we all secretly need it. Warmer weather and brighter days are the perfect motivation to freshen your space with a good deep cleaning and decluttering. Who says the cleaning should stop at home, though? Spring cleaning in the workplace is a great way to reset and model good habits for the rest of the year to come.

Make a Cleaning Schedule

An office is too big for one person to keep clean. While you probably have a cleaning crew that does most of the heavy lifting, a cleaning schedule is an easy way to hold everyone accountable to do their part in the workplace. Create a schedule for things that are commonly left undone and assign jobs to different people on different days. For fairness, you can even use a raffle or random list generator to create the schedule.

Make Rules for Food and Drinks

Allowing food and drinks throughout the workplace is one of the most common mistakes that lead to unwanted messes. Avoid the mess by implementing rules that only allow food and drinks in one area of the workplace. The break room or cafeteria should be the only place for food and drinks. Some employers like to allow water and coffee at the desk, but anything beyond that is a mess waiting to happen!

Disinfect High Touch Surfaces

Certain workplace surfaces are more prone to holding onto germs and bacteria. Stair railings, phones, keyboards, and doorknobs are common high-touch surfaces in the workplace. Spring is a good time to hire a professional cleaning crew to disinfect these surfaces using a high-strength cleaner or steam solution.

Once the disinfecting has been done, you can add regular disinfecting with spray or wipes to the cleaning schedule for each high-touch surface. Disinfecting is the only way to kill germs and bacteria effectively. Traditional cleaners may remove dirt but not actually disinfect the surface.

Purchasing Cleaning Supplies and PPE

Use spring cleaning as your reminder to stock up on cleaning supplies and PPE for the workplace. There should be more than enough cleaning supplies to handle any mess that may arise. Keeping masks on hand for workers who are feeling under the weather can help slow the spread of illness and keep more employees in the office. Some PPE can be used when cleaning, too, such as rubber gloves.

If you want to make your office as clean as possible this spring, contact Millyard Technology Park! Our team can help you pinpoint what needs to be cleaned and take steps to make that happen. If you need advice on what cleaning supplies to keep on hand and how to create an effective cleaning schedule, we can help with that too!