How To Maximize the Potential of Your Office Space

The layout of your workspace is crucial to the success of your company. It’s where you do your job and interacts with customers and colleagues, which may significantly impact your productivity.


Planning an office space for your staff requires careful consideration of several factors, such as its location, size, and layout design. To get you back to what matters—running your business—we’ve compiled some helpful hints for optimizing the efficiency of your […]

5 inspiring interior designs for the workplace

A contemporary office space, cafe, or workplace is more than simply a location to meet customers or external partners; the team also has to provide novel concepts and approaches to problems in this setting. However, creating a workplace that colleagues want to come to every day may be challenging, allowing them to perform their best job. We’ve compiled a selection of the finest office designs to help you discover inspiration.

What […]

Tips On Improving Your Office Work Environment

Working in a pleasant environment might push you to create great work daily. However, to be productive, it’s crucial to create a setting in which you feel comfortable.


If you want to feel more effective and productive at work, it’s essential to make some adjustments to your immediate surroundings. Improving your environment and fostering a pleasant vibe might motivate you to show up to work and get things done.


You can boost […]

How natural light impacts workers’ well-being

The advantages of natural light in the workplace and its effect on wellbeing are becoming increasingly important to take into account when designing an office addition or a three-story office complex.

In this article, we shall discuss the effect that exposure to natural light has on workers’ mental health. Some of these effects are;

1.   Better Overall Health

Natural lighting significantly affects a person’s overall health and sense of well-being. Eye strain, headaches, […]

Rustic Interior Design: Ideas to Get a No-Fuss Natural and Beautiful Look

Lovers of all things natural will undoubtedly love relaxing in a warm rustic atmosphere. Rustic interior design’s unfussy, casual elegance not only delights the senses but also comforts the soul with its soothing ambiance. This design has a place in every location, whether you want to add some rustic beauty to your house or office space. Check out our tutorial below to learn how to emulate the harmony and beauty […]

Selecting Office Space for Your Business

Your workplace culture influences morale, devotion, and production. Many companies underestimate the value of facilities management.97% of survey respondents claimed their firms prioritized the workplace. Only 11% of 1,000 American workers were happy. Nearly half of them said their workplace lacked character. There are various things to consider while upgrading or moving your workplace. We have developed a guide on locating a new office location to secure your business’s success.

Location […]

Avoid these Mistakes When Leasing a New Office

When it comes to leasing a new office, there are a few common mistakes to avoid we have seen in the past. Millyard Technology Park lists 4 things you should be prepared for.

Not conducting sufficient research.

Take the time to do in-depth research, or at the very least assign this duty to a team member. Your budget, how much space you need, and your business’s location are all key aspects to […]

Tips on Renting Your Office Space for Small Businesses

Small businesses will usually have small offices as well, but they can’t compromise on offering their employees a wide range of amenities. These business spaces need to be as functional as any other space in the office. So, to help you make the right decision, here we have mentioned some tips for choosing an office.

Think About the Space You Need

Do you need a bigger office or is a small two-room […]

Office Organization at Millyard Technology Park

When renting an office space it is of utmost importance to keep it tidy. Not only does an organization improve office productivity but it also helps give guests the right impression of your business. It is easy for things to get busy during the daily hustle and bustle of office life and unfortunately, this can make it difficult for things to stay organized in the midst of the chaos. Sometimes […]

Keeping Your Office Clean At Millyard Technology Park

When renting out an office space it is important to prioritize office hygiene! Especially in today’s day and age hygiene is more important than ever. Offices are usually a place where things can get quite busy during the day. On an average day people are managing a lot of different tasks such as meetings, client calls, making copies, making coffee, etc. in such fast-paced work environments it can be easy […]