Selecting Office Space for Your Business

Your workplace culture influences morale, devotion, and production. Many companies underestimate the value of facilities management.97% of survey respondents claimed their firms prioritized the workplace. Only 11% of 1,000 American workers were happy. Nearly half of them said their workplace lacked character. There are various things to consider while upgrading or moving your workplace. We have developed a guide on locating a new office location to secure your business’s success.

Location […]

Avoid these Mistakes When Leasing a New Office

When it comes to leasing a new office, there are a few common mistakes to avoid we have seen in the past. Millyard Technology Park lists 4 things you should be prepared for.

Not conducting sufficient research.

Take the time to do in-depth research, or at the very least assign this duty to a team member. Your budget, how much space you need, and your business’s location are all key aspects to […]

Tips on Renting Your Office Space for Small Businesses

Small businesses will usually have small offices as well, but they can’t compromise on offering their employees a wide range of amenities. These business spaces need to be as functional as any other space in the office. So, to help you make the right decision, here we have mentioned some tips for choosing an office.

Think About the Space You Need

Do you need a bigger office or is a small two-room […]

Office Organization at Millyard Technology Park

When renting an office space it is of utmost importance to keep it tidy. Not only does an organization improve office productivity but it also helps give guests the right impression of your business. It is easy for things to get busy during the daily hustle and bustle of office life and unfortunately, this can make it difficult for things to stay organized in the midst of the chaos. Sometimes […]

Keeping Your Office Clean At Millyard Technology Park

When renting out an office space it is important to prioritize office hygiene! Especially in today’s day and age hygiene is more important than ever. Offices are usually a place where things can get quite busy during the day. On an average day people are managing a lot of different tasks such as meetings, client calls, making copies, making coffee, etc. in such fast-paced work environments it can be easy […]

Four Tips For Renting Your First Office Space

For first-time office renters, it can be hard to know what to expect when it comes to renting out an office space! No worries there is no need to be intimidated, our team at Millyard Technology Park is here to help you every step of the way. Not to brag but we have walked many business owners through the process of renting office spaces so we like to consider ourselves […]

Five Benefits of Renting Office Space

Office space is always a reflection of your company’s image and reputation. Entrepreneurs and company owners often find it difficult and stressful to select an office space. However, finding a location where you can conduct your day-to-day business in a professional way is well worth your time and effort.

When a client walks into your office, they should see how your business looks in a professional way. It’s important […]

5 Office Decorating Ideas

Millyard Technology Park is proud to be the host of a variety of different businesses. Even though businesses are renting office space from us we want all our tenets to feel at home in their space. It is important to make your office feel unique to your business. That’s why we are sharing some office decorating tips to help make your office space come to life and feel more like […]

Take A Break At The Riverview Cafe

It is extremely important to establish work Life balance for yourself, which is why Millyard Technology Park is proud to be the host of the Riverview Cafe. This cozy cafe is located right inside of our building and is available to all businesses of Millyard Technology Park as well as the residents of the Nashua community. The cafe serves breakfast and lunch daily from Monday through Friday. It is a […]

Commercial Real Estate Terms You Should Be Familiar With

Renting a commercial real estate property can be a challenge if you are not familiar with their terminology. At Millyard Technology Park, the type of lease we offer is called a “modified gross lease.” This means all the utilities are included, and the only separate expense our tenants pay for is their phone/internet service. Additionally, we always make sure there is an on-site property manager who supervises all the building […]