Take A Break At The Riverview Cafe

riverview cafe

It is extremely important to establish work Life balance for yourself, which is why Millyard Technology Park is proud to be the host of the Riverview Cafe. This cozy cafe is located right inside of our building and is available to all businesses of Millyard Technology Park as well as the residents of the Nashua community. The cafe serves breakfast and lunch daily from Monday through Friday. It is a great place to stop by on a break for a quick bite and take some time for yourself during the workday. The cafe also provides catering for offices and meetings upon request. Keep reading to check out some of our Riverview cafe menu favorites to try out during your next visit. 



If you missed breakfast this morning you’re in luck! The Riverview cafe serves a hot fresh breakfast every morning. The cafe serves a variety of options such as fresh egg sandwiches, bagels, home fries, and more. Don’t start your day off on an empty stomach, be sure to fuel your body and your mind before heading into your office. Eating breakfast will set your day up for success and increase your productivity! 



Don’t work through your lunch! Take some moments for yourself and grab a bite to eat for lunch at Riverview cafe! We proudly offer an array of options such as a variety of cold-cut sandwiches, wraps, grilled cheese, and burgers. Our steam table also serves a daily special as well as your choice of soup or chili. We also have quick Grab & Go options for people who are more on the go. Pick up a cookie or a bag of chips when you have five minutes to spare to give your body a little bit of sustenance in the middle of the workday if you don’t have time to eat something more filling. 

Coffee Bar


Whether you’re a morning coffee drinker or more of an afternoon coffee drinker the Riverview cafe has got you covered! Enjoy a selection of bold, classic, or flavored hot coffee as well as a selection of iced coffee, cocoa, and tea. We have got something for everyone in your office. If you’re in need of an afternoon pick me up we suggest getting a latte with some latte art! Our skilled baristas are capable of making a variety of fun creative shapes and animals that will be sure to brighten up your mood! Take a look at some of our latte art on our website if you are interested in seeing more! 

Come by the Riverview Cafe! 


The Riverview Cafe is just one of the great amenities offered to the business of Millyard Technology Park. Do not hesitate to come by the cafe during the workday if you are in need of a break or a bite to eat! To place a catering order or inquire with any other questions, please call the Riverview Café at 603-809-2547, or visit the cafe’s Facebook page.