5 inspiring interior designs for the workplace

Office Interior Space

A contemporary office space, cafe, or workplace is more than simply a location to meet customers or external partners; the team also has to provide novel concepts and approaches to problems in this setting. However, creating a workplace that colleagues want to come to every day may be challenging, allowing them to perform their best job. We’ve compiled a selection of the finest office designs to help you discover inspiration.

What role does interior design have in the workplace?

Staying on top of workplace design trends is just one aspect of office decor. According to recent research, putting your working area design properly may significantly influence your team’s productivity and mental wellness.

According to Savills, just 39% of employees believe their corporate office design has a beneficial influence on their mental health. Although this has increased in past years, it demonstrates that there is still room for employers and landlords to prioritize health in workplace design. This is confirmed by the fact that just 34% of respondents claimed their existing workers had inquired about the design of their workplace space.

Snapshots from the office building

Office Snapshots, founded in 2007 by Stephen Searer, is a database, magazine, and curation site full of office design samples and inspiration. Visitors may search for photographs or articles collected by Searer based on industry, region, workplace type, or even design aspects.

In addition to significant workstations, you may look for support space design to get ideas for reception areas, gaming rooms, and even locker rooms. The papers are also jam-packed with important information and guidance. From returning to the workplace after COVID to studying 2021 office design trends, this is one of the most comprehensive office design tools accessible.

Gallery of Office Design

The photographs in Office Design Gallery, handpicked from across the world, provide plenty of inspiration for various workplaces, from home offices to executive suites. Search by designer, colour theme, nation, or size to uncover a range of intriguing and unique settings. Take inspiration from the distinctive elements, impressive welcome areas, and comfortable standard rooms.

Rap Office Decorations

Rap Office Interiors, based in the South-East of England, has over 20 years of expertise in office remodeling. They have worked with some of the biggest businesses in the UK and now offer their professional advice and beautiful photographs on their blog.

They give some top recommendations for making changes in your working environment and the tales behind the projects they have created. Their articles will help you grasp the value of great design and provide practical guidance on how to make it happen in any setting.

Enjoy Your Workplace

The advantages of emphasizing ergonomics in the office have long been recognized, and Love Your Workspace incorporates this into its furniture designs. They adopt a similar approach with their blog material, which contains valuable tips and information on optimizing your workplace for workers.

From making your sustainable vision a reality to selecting products that will complement and keep your workplace pleasant, this site is as thorough as it is functional.

Hackers at Ikea

Although Ikea Hackers isn’t precisely an office decor site, it’s a terrific place to gather ideas for modifying or upgrading your office furniture on a budget. Ikea Hackers gives a lot of practical suggestions and advice for making the most of your space and converting the mundane into something inventive and artistic.

Keep up with the latest workplace design trends.

Understanding the newest design trends is essential, but so is determining what your colleagues need and combining it into a flexible environment. We want everyone to have a pleasant environment to work at Easy Offices. We can help you select a serviced or working space, parking lot, or conference room that successfully reflects your brand and allows your team to thrive at its peak.

Millyard Yard Technology Park can even create a work environment for you. We can help you build the ideal workstation, from making the most of your space to assisting you in selecting various furniture styles and accessories to factor the cost into your monthly rental payments.