How natural light impacts workers’ well-being

Natural Office in Office

The advantages of natural light in the workplace and its effect on wellbeing are becoming increasingly important to take into account when designing an office addition or a three-story office complex.

In this article, we shall discuss the effect that exposure to natural light has on workers’ mental health. Some of these effects are;

1.   Better Overall Health

Natural lighting significantly affects a person’s overall health and sense of well-being. Eye strain, headaches, and blurred vision are just some of the typical health concerns people experience in today’s world because most of the workday hours are spent staring at a computer screen. Working in areas with sufficient lighting can reduce the risk of these problems by as much as 84%.

This, in turn, reduces the risk of other health problems that are associated with it and enhances overall well-being. The healthier individuals are, the more effective they will be in their professional roles. This, in turn, benefits the individual’s mental health and well-being.

2.   Higher Energy Levels

A survey called “The Employee Experience” found that the lack of natural light in offices was mentioned as why more than forty percent of workers felt fatigued and depressed while at work. The amount of natural light highly influences the circadian rhythm of the body.

According to one study, people who worked in environments well-lit by natural light slept better at night. When they get a good night’s sleep, they wake up feeling completely refreshed and ready to take on the day. Increased energy levels correlate with increased involvement and the capacity to concentrate on tasks for longer periods.

The levels of the melatonin hormones are reduced when people are exposed to natural light, which prevents them from dozing off during the day.

3.   It promotes teamwork and cooperation.

The office has a more upbeat vibe when there is sufficient natural light. When people are in such settings, they have a greater chance of being joyful and cheerful. In addition to making an area appear more cheerful, natural light is an excellent source of vitamin D and the feel-good chemical, Serotonin.

Vitamin D offers several health benefits, including the ability to alleviate pain and discomfort and fight depression, whereas serotonin is responsible for promoting feelings of calm and concentration in a person. People who work in offices that get plenty of natural light will, as a consequence, be more ready to help others and collaborate with others.

4.   Confidence Booster

Lastly, having access to natural light in the workplace has increased employees’ sense of self-assurance.

People have a lower propensity to make errors when they are physically active and mentally alert. Therefore, their presentations and proposals are more likely to be effective and have a greater chance of being successful. In the same vein, taking fewer sick days and working together on projects can bring about continuity.

When self-assured, people can handle the duties placed on their shoulders better. Both the firm and the individual stand to benefit from this arrangement.


The welfare of employees can be increased by increasing the amount of natural lighting that is available in a location. You will start reaping the many benefits natural light brings to the office if you take immediate steps to brighten your workspace with as much sunlight as possible.