5 Office Decorating Ideas

decorated office with succulents

Millyard Technology Park is proud to be the host of a variety of different businesses. Even though businesses are renting office space from us we want all our tenets to feel at home in their space. It is important to make your office feel unique to your business. That’s why we are sharing some office decorating tips to help make your office space come to life and feel more like your own! 

1. Decorate Your Wall Art

Adding wall art is a creative way to liven up your office space! There are so many different options to choose from when it comes to picking wall art for your office. There are so many options for you to pick from that will help bring your office to life! Whether you pick a mural, personal photos, wall grid panels, or inspirational quotes you can’t go wrong! Decorating your wall space is relatively easy and renter-friendly. The hardest part will be deciding what you want to put up!

2. Add plants 

Bring life to your office…literally! Adding plants adds a pop of green to the room that will open up the space. Keep in mind how much lighting your office space gets when thinking of purchasing plants for the space. If your office does not get a lot of natural lighting we suggest getting succulent plants. Succulents do well in low light and do not take up a lot of space which is perfect for an office! Succulents are relatively low maintenance as they do not require daily watering making them easy to keep alive 

3. Personalize your desk space 

Add some personalized touches to your desk space to feel more at home in your office. Family photos, fun mugs, bright pens, and colorful notebooks are just a few of the ways you can personalize your desk to make it feel more your own. If everyone in your office adds some personalized touches to their desks it will help liven up the office as a whole making the space feel more comfortable. 

4.  Branded Items 

Even tho you are renting your office space that doesn’t mean you should lack in your personal branding! Adding branded items to your office space is a great way to establish a brand presence. You can add as many or as few items as you like. Start off with a branded sign right at the entrance of your office. Take it a step further and add more elements throughout your offices like custom pens or company t-shirts. 

5. Add comfort 

Comfort is something that you should invest in for your office space! When spending up to eight hours or more at your office the last thing you want is to be uncomfortable! Invest in your comfort and buy comfy chairs for you and your workers. These will provide your workers with an enjoyable work environment and will boost productivity. 

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