Creating a Healthy and Safe Office Environment for Summer

Office Lady Feeling Hot in the Office

Every workplace should have an injury and illness prevention plan that is not just made to be kept as a book but also implemented where needed. It should be regularly reviewed and revised according to situations and changing environments.

A worker exposed to extremely high temperatures can be exposed to illnesses such as heat cramps, the most manageable heat disease, and are frequently accompanied by excessive perspiration, exhaustion, and thirst; heat exhaustion happens due to salt and fluid loss after prolonged exposure to heat. Due to the body’s inability to cool itself effectively, headaches and lightheadedness may result from decreased blood supply to the brain.

Lastly, heat stroke shocks the body’s cooling mechanism, resulting in a shutdown. Sunstroke is the most prevalent type of heatstroke when the sun shines directly on the head and neck for an extended period.

The following measures can be taken care of to prevent these illnesses:

1.      Creating an Illness/Injury prevention plan

The most important thing is to make a plan to avoid harmful situations. Identify what measures need to be taken and mention those and their preventive measures in the plan. Provide training to your staff on how to implement those effectively.

2.      Create a Cooler Environment

Make sure to provide a cool environment for indoor workers. If you have lunch breaks that requires to be outside, it is important to provide them with sun canopies, portable fans, water dispensers and other resources to help create a more comfortable environment.

3.      Give Regular Breaks

Working all day in hot environments could be exhausting. Provide breaks for them to cool down, refresh and energize themselves. This will also ensure better work performance and increase productivity.

4.      Have a Solid Backup Plan Ready

Ensure staff members are aware of the symptoms of heat illness and the quick actions they must take to aid themselves or their coworkers. Contact 911 immediately if there is a medical emergency, but also teach your staff to be proactive before professional aid arrives.


Every day of the year, a commitment must be made to promote a secure and comfortable work environment, but it becomes much more crucial when additional dangers, such as high heat, are present. Fortunately, at Millyard Technology Park, we can guarantee a cool and relaxing environment with plenty of natural light that will provide you and your employees with a healthy work environment. Book a free tour with us to learn more about our office spaces at  603.598.1275