Maintaining a Healthy Winter Safety Environment for Employees

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Winter weather is something that we have to deal with every year, yet somehow it never gets easier. Winter weather brings an influx of injuries and illnesses to the workplace, no matter what field you work in. Maintaining a healthy work environment this winter will work to keep productivity levels high and employees healthy enough to come to work all season long. If you’re unsure how to start providing a healthy work environment this winter, here are a few tips!

Prepare the Workplace

Prepare the workplace inside and out before winter weather hits. This should include an inspection of the room, pavement, gutters, and sidewalks. Something as simple as clogged gutters can cause sheets of ice to fall off the roof as snow melts. Anything that needs to be repaired in good weather will become a much bigger issue during the winter!

Inside, ensure employees have good floor mats to clean their shoes or boots of snow and ice. This helps prevent falls while limiting the amount of winter floor cleaning needed.

Make a Plan for Extreme Winter Weather

Winter weather is inevitable, so it’s best to prepare before it happens. Review a plan with your employees to decide what will be done during extreme weather when road closures and school closures can occur.

If remote working is an option, allow employees to take advantage of that this winter! Employees who have a longer commute are at a higher risk of being impacted by winter weather. Encourage employees to stay updated with upcoming winter weather so they can adjust their schedule or work methods accordingly.

Educate Employees on Winter Weather Hazards

The seasons changing is a great time to have a safety seminar with your employees. Review the most common winter weather hazards and safety tips your employees can use to stay healthy. Some of the most common winter weather health risks include:

  • The cold, flu, and covid-19
  • Slips and falls
  • Car accidents
  • Shoveling snow – this laborious activity causes an increase in heart attacks every winter
  • Frostbite
  • Mental stress from the holiday season

Prepare Employees Who Work Outdoors

If your employees work outside, review winter safety with them. All employees should have appropriate clothing and shoes to stay warm and prevent falls. If employees are driving in a company vehicle, ensure good winter tires are installed, and an emergency supply kit is in the car.


Although winter might feel like it’s never-ending when you’re in the thick of it, spring will return before you know it! Do your part to provide a safe work environment for employees this winter and encourage them to speak up with any additional concerns or recommendations.